It´s to a Boy, who got into my Head,
with all these fucked up Things He did!

I know, you´re not worth it.
But sometimes, I get the feeling that I´m loosing myself.
I love you.
Sometimes more, sometimes less.

I just wann tell you this ...

The fights, those nights
I tried to pretend it don't hurt
The way, I prayed
Someday that you would love me
Really, completely
Just how I wanted it to be
But no, so wrong
Can't believe I stayed with you so long

For every last bruise you gave me
For every time I sat in tears
For the million ways you hurt me
I just wanna tell you this
You broke my world, made me strong
Thank you
Messed up my dreams, made me strong
Thank you.
But although, I have to say:

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