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Sunday, 14-12-08

so, well the weekend sucked. nothing else to expect, though I was so exiceted about it.

friday, we were at heiks place. playing marioland xD really funny. but well i was very tired so i said goodbye early and went to bed.

saturday, the plan was to go to ulm. wahaaa, yeah it WAS the plan.

but somebody, of course, had plans for herself -__- so her egotrip was the reason why we didn´t go. 

sorry, but i´m so pissed. really. i hope you´ll read this entry.

saturday was fun anyway. went to fränzis place. played activity, ate salad, drunk punch an laughed a lot. good alternitive as well <3

today, well now, i´ll go to the cinema. yeahr, nothing else to do.

__ hor, i´m so  after buying christmas presents. but i´ve got ideas at least. mum&dad will get a self-drawn picture. for my brother i´ve planned nothing.

so, nothing more to say. goodnight.



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Thursday, 20-11-2008

so, here i am. since i have the mind to write my enty in english today, i choose to write a looot. xD

well, today went well, i could say very well. school was great. 3 presentations. means nothing to do. good.

lessons also was a blur, so i didn´t get bothered by any of these things.

after school, dana came and we coloured my hair. not very sucessful, but very funny after all. so whatever. next time it will turn out perfectly. at least she promised me xD

 the weekend could be great if everything will went the way i want it.

friday, well actually no idea, but saturday. i´m so looking forward xD

we´re going to go to ulm. yeah. 

 haik & i will be the english people - again. waaha it will be sooo much fun. finally somthing to looking forward to.

well, some guy should really shut the fuck up, but well, i think they don´t get it, yet -__- so , yeah.

actually nothing else to say. so i will take a shower now and then go to bed. i´m really tired. colouring is soo exhausting.


i love you all.but most i love you rob <3

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♫ Rihanna - Live your Life

Freitag, o5-11-o8

wochenende. wie zäh. 

heute, bzw jetzt gleich neuler. meine motivation lässt zu wünschen übrig. aber meine wünschen zählen nicht, sondern nur die der gruppe.

man, wies alles ankotzt. 

es wird zeit, dass ich hier rauskomm. wie ich mich auf die nächstn sommerferien freue. endlich hier raus. 

endlich was andres sehn, nich nur wieder dieser tourismus, sondern richtig was von nem andren land sehn

ich hoffe es klappt alles so wie ich mir das vorstelle.

wir werden sehn.





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