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Sunday, 14-12-08

so, well the weekend sucked. nothing else to expect, though I was so exiceted about it.

friday, we were at heiks place. playing marioland xD really funny. but well i was very tired so i said goodbye early and went to bed.

saturday, the plan was to go to ulm. wahaaa, yeah it WAS the plan.

but somebody, of course, had plans for herself -__- so her egotrip was the reason why we didn´t go. 

sorry, but i´m so pissed. really. i hope you´ll read this entry.

saturday was fun anyway. went to fränzis place. played activity, ate salad, drunk punch an laughed a lot. good alternitive as well <3

today, well now, i´ll go to the cinema. yeahr, nothing else to do.

__ hor, i´m so  after buying christmas presents. but i´ve got ideas at least. mum&dad will get a self-drawn picture. for my brother i´ve planned nothing.

so, nothing more to say. goodnight.



14.12.08 18:52


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